Graphic Design

A lot of my work is unable to be shown as I often do design work for pitches or unannounced titles. Here is an example of some quick character mock ups and designs used in a pitch.

Below is some work I produced for a game that I worked on.

The game went through a title change and was worked on as a vertical slice and then a more complete product later on.

Other Games

I was asked to create a banner for a small mobile project that I worked on called Artscape. I felt this fit the style and mood of the game.

Gaphic Design Work

Due to my Interactive Digital Media qualification, I have completed many small products for clients. Here is an example of my work for an album cover. This particular example was interesting to complete as the client was interested in my watercolour art and asked for a piece inspired by one of my paintings. I delivered three options for him to choose from based on my previous work.

First Row: The painting that I was asked to work from.
Second Row: Three examples
Third Row: The album

Other Work

I often take on small projects for friends who need business cards or branding. Here are some examples. 

Previous design work

More work will be added soon as I have to access a computer that I left interstate after a move.