2023 - 2024

Phantom Galaxies - Blowfish

Working as a designer on new content.

Kinder World - Lumi Interactive

Worked on unannouced features and content as well as the Friendship Garden.


Star Trek: Lower Decks TPB - Mighty Kingdom and ESG

This year has been spent at Mighty Kingdom as a game designer on the Star Trek Lower Decks game available on iOS and Android (soft launched). I have contributed to the development of this game by doing deep dives into Star Trek lore, creating narrative frameworks based on data, managing balancing and balancing sheets for the main game and subsequent events/liveops as well as client communication for both, kickstarted analytics by working with programmers in order to come up with ways to track information from a list provided by the client as well as my assessment of what would be useful for us to track. (Below)


Shopkins Suite

In 2021 I was tasked with product management responsibilities across a suite of 10 apps. I handled meetings, client communication, communication across disciplines analytics and analytics reports as well as some design and quality assurance tasks.

I worked with limited resources to make sure we fulfilled our contractual obligations to our client, made sure our apps were compliant with Privo, local laws and iOS, Amazon and Android stores.


Ava's Manor

I spent 2020 assisting in pitching of unannounced projects as well as handling live ops for Avor's Manor.

I proposed and documented events for holiday/Christmas themes, Easter and Halloween with event themed decorations and purchasable characters.

I outlined and structured narrative as well as wrote some of the scripts. I also managed asset lists and handled communications with artists, making sure that everyone knew what they were meant to be doing and what was being asked for.


Danger Days

One of my favourite projects, due to my interest in serious/applied games, has been Danger Days. I worked alongside with the Red Cross running workshops, doing field research and taking what we'd learned back to the studio to turn it into a game.

This project aimed to teach 14-16 year olds about safety in disaster scenarios in Australia. This had to be done in a way that was accurate to the official safety information available at the time as well as age appropriate and aimed to keep the player safe. We taught them these skills using a range of their own ideas and thoughts on how to respond safely. (Below)

Peter Rabbit Run

I also assisted with level design for Peter Rabbit Run. (Below)

Wild Life Puzzle Story

I worked on Wild Life: Puzzle Story, assisting with narrative design, writing, level design, systems design, documentation, live-ops and analytics. (Below)

Previous Game Experience


Creative director on a small project.



Ishihara is a FPS style puzzle game in which a player navigates a 3 dimensional space with completely flat shaded visuals. The player must use colour changing tools and unlock new areas.

I acted as a game designer, 2D and 3D artist as well as art director and level designer on a team of two. (below)


Dusk uses silhouettes to create optical illusion puzzles that a player must navigate before nightfall. (below)

Project Sound

Project Sound was another university project: a "murder in the dark" style game in the style of an asymmetrical FPS where a "hunter" must face away from the screen and use 3D sound to prevent the remaining (up to 3) players as they attempt to take a bell to the alter in the center of the arena while avoiding obstacles such as glass panels, water and shattered glass.

I contributed as a game designer/level designer, systems designer, character designer, 2D artist, 3D and environment designer on a team of three. (Below)