About Me Emma Losin

Emma Losin is a game designer at Blowfish with a six-year track record in the industry. Her educational background includes degrees in Game Design and Psychological Sciences, complemented by diplomas in Interactive Digital Media and Visual Art. Emma's notable achievements encompass the narrative beats system design for the award winning Star Trek Lower Decks mobile game, and her current roles as a Making Her Mark and Women In Games Ambassador. She helps organise events and workshops for South Australian game developers such as ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, cafe crawls and more to promote industry health and diversity within networking spaces. She has spoken frequently at renowned events like GCAP, PAX, Technically Games and more since 2019 to share knowledge, especially with newer developers. Emma mentored two design graduates through years 2021 and 2022, and was a judge for the STEM Video Game challenge 2022.

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Water colour, digital, sculptural.

My cat Nori

I have a Siberian forest cat called Nori. She has been the best colleague one could have while I have been working remotely over the passed four years so it would be unfair to have a whole website with all the work I have done and not mention her. Please inquire within for her resume.

Please email for full portfolio.